Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa – May 2017

Dear Desire

Firstly I would like to thank you for your fantastic service and assistance. I do not think that I would have wanted to work with any other travel planner! You have been excellent from the start up until the end of the holiday!

Although the honeymoon took a different turn than what was expected we still had lots of fun before Irene became sick. It was just an unfortunate thing which happens to the best of us! I think it was also a good learning experience for us all – we tend to think that things do not go wrong! But they do sometimes and the important thing is to be prepared!

I will provide some notes for you on the following:

1. Victoria Hotel:

  • It was really an amazing experience to stay at this hotel.
  • The snorkelling, the kayaking, the paddle boats were really fun to do and kept us busy.
  • The rest of the time just relaxing on the beach was sufficient to satisfy our souls!
  • I did the paragliding which was short but extremely cool!
  • I think from all the hotels in that area we had the best beach – enough trees and white sand!
  • We received excellent service and the staff were very friendly at all times.
  • We really liked our honeymoon presents. I love my shirt!
  • The accommodation/room was very very nice and comfortable – the hotel was kind enough to place us in a room on the ground floor which was super kind of them and for which I am very grateful.
  • I could notice that the staff and management went out of their way to make the stay as comfortable as possible.
  • When Irene became sick they were very supportive and provided me with very good assistance.
  • I realised that if you do not take the all inclusive package that the drinks become very very expensive and that was a little bit disappointing to me. But I still feel that we would not have been able to drink that amount of drinks to make up for the price difference between the all inclusive and the half board.
  • We ended up walking to the shop nearby and buying bottles of water at a quarter of the price of what it cost at the hotel!
  • The only thing that I missed was good quality fresh meat and vegetables. (I think we as South Africans are very spoiled with adequate fresh meat and vegetables).

2. Your service

  • As stated your service was really excellent and I would give you a score of 10/10!
  • From the word go up to the end you have been available and assisted me with such kindness whenever I needed it.
  • You made it really easy to make the necessary arrangements and payments etc. and that made a huge difference.
  • (My time is usually very limited and you made it possible to make the whole thing very efficient!)
  • Thanks a million for your kind assistance.

3. Zurich Travel Insurance

  • I received excellent excellent excellent service from them.
  • Very efficient and effective communication.
  • Thank you for suggesting them!
  • And thank you for arranging them last minute!

4. Clinique Du Nord

  • Irene was admitted to this Clinic when she became very sick.
  • The service and medical care were excellent.
  • Compared to the best hospital in SA I would rate their service higher!
  • Definitely 10/10
  • I have never met any friendlier and supportive staff in my whole life.
  • Medical care was also excellent.
  • They really made us feel at home!

5. Mauritius overall

  • Although we did not see a lot of Mauritius the parts that we did see was very nice.
  • We went on the South tour which was okay.
  • People in Mauritius are very friendly.
  • When Irene was in the hospital I had to take a taxi on two occasions and felt that the taxi drivers take advantage of tourists by charging extremely high rates which were a bit disappointing.

Irene is recovering well and will have a follow-up clinical examination on Thursday. She still has to recover a bit more!

Desire you are definitely our first choice for a travel planner for life!

We will keep in touch!

Kind Regards

JG & Irene

JG & Irene Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa