Mauritius, a voyage of discovery….

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Mauritius, a voyage of discovery….

Mauritius has something to offer everyone, from adventurous thrill-seekers to enthusiastic golfers or couples wanting some time out recharge, relax and renew. Your adventure begins now…

With eight of the finest resorts in Mauritius, none less than 4-star, The BeachTravel team is very proud to be one one of the top ten agencies in Southern Africa to represent Beachcomber brand in Mauritius.

A jewel in the Indian Ocean Islands, Mauritius is one of the top destinations for South African holidaymakers. This exotic destination never fails to delight newlyweds seeking a romantic honeymoon or families looking for a fun and sun filled holiday package. The ‘Kid’s Club’ was pioneered in Mauritius as well as the all-inclusive package which is very popular with the “leave-your-wallet-at-home” concept. It is still one of the most affordable destinations offering an array of four-star to luxurious five-star resorts to suit every taste and budget!

Beneath the azure blue waters, you will discover breathless coral gardens, teeming with colourful schools of fish feeding from your fingertips. You could be mesmerized when an eel of momentous proportions slowly slithers by and you breathe a sigh of relief when it disappears in the distance. Or soar like an eagle in the sky while parasailing off a speedboat, swirling high above the ocean taking in this paradise from a bird’s eye view -you can rest assured Mauritius has you covered!

Are you an underwater world fanatic? Once again Mauritius does not disappoint! We have told you about the coral reefs, the vibrant schools of colourful fish. But until you have swum with dolphins and explored the bottom of the ocean with sharks gracefully and unassumingly swimming above your head, or fed a moray eel you ‘ain’t done nothing yet! Don a glass tank on your head and immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland or ride on an underwater scooter, perhaps even in a submarine, you have no excuse to not partake and discover what lies below.

If you are a history/culture/heritage buff there is so much to be discovered.

Mauritian culture is based on the diversity of the population, that is why there is no “official religion” in Mauritius. Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and all others from across the globe live in harmony and respect the free practice of religion in Mauritius. If you want to take home memories other than seaside ones, we recommend you swap your flip-flops for some walkabouts. You would be humbled by visiting one of the many interesting monuments and spectacular temples, or any of the several ornate and sacred buildings to honour and pray to the Gods. Step out and enjoy the rich historical heritage of Mauritius and explore the two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Shiva and the Mother Durga statues which are situated around the Holy Lake.

Sample the distinct flavours of Creole cooking, perhaps share a meal with locals in their home or partake in an authentic experience while a Masterchef guides you through the culinary process. From shopping at the markets for local, homegrown spices and ingredients, your mentor sharing secrets in the cooking process, presenting your dish in true Creole fashion and finally, your taste buds explode with delight when you savour a mouthful of your creation. And you get to take the recipe home with you! Have you discovered a hidden talent?For anyone looking for a culture rush, this island is definitely one of the best for you.

We have saved the best for last. After all, Mauritius is all about beautiful beaches, endless blue skies and from this stems the most breathtaking sunsets. Indulge yourself, cocktail in hand while you relax on a lounger on the beach with your better half and watch the warm, glowing sun slowly meet with the beautiful luminescent sea and disappear to rise again tomorrow. Dance on the beach while it teases you with that last flicker of light. Make a wish and treasure this moment, this is an unforgettable memory to cherish and share for many years to come.

The night has come alive, the moon is there to greet you as you make your way around the bonfire, abandoning all your inhibitions, sharing in the moment of vibrant Sega dancers, you immerse yourself to the rhythm of the beating drums. You lose track of time as you celebrate life. In this moment you realize you have gained so much more from this fabulous Mauritian adventure with your loved ones and will return to explore again…

Beachcomber’s portfolio of properties has solidified their dominance in the high-end resort industry a Beachcomber holiday is more than a relaxing beach getaway. The level of service they provide and the standard of their facilities make a Beachcomber getaway an unforgettable experience. Their staff are not just the best in the industry; they are also experts in every aspect of travel to Mauritius and they go the extra mile to ensure that your island holiday is among your fondest memories.

For amazing Mauritius honeymoon celebrations and unforgettable family holiday packages, we await your call.