7 Reasons to Plan an Unforgettable Mauritius Honeymoon

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7 Reasons to Plan an Unforgettable Mauritius Honeymoon

If you have ever longed to begin your newly married life together in true topical paradise, a Mauritius honeymoon offers the ideal route to wedded bliss. After all the stress of planning your wedding – and of course the actual big day itself – comes the chance to finally set off on your much-anticipated honeymoon. This super romantic, relaxing vacation for newlyweds is the start of your new life as a married couple.

If you are searching for a honeymoon destination that would deliver the best memories for the rest of your life, Mauritius is one of the top honeymoon destinations across the globe. Ideal for visiting all though the year, due to a lovely climate, the island offers plenty to see, do and experience. As you start your new life together, you will have the chance to recharge and refresh in the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, watch amazing sunsets while sipping the best cocktails, and pamper yourselves with soothing spas.

What to See and Do on Honeymoons in Mauritius 

Romance, privacy, adventure, food, shopping, nature, and so much more – Mauritius has it all. Super fine powdery white sands and beautiful yet unspoiled beaches will certainly make you fall in love with the island from the very first glimpse. However, the beauty of Mauritius is not just limited to its beaches and tropical features. It also encompasses an abundance of modern restaurants, bars, trendy clubs, water sports, spas, hotels, resorts, and shopping spots.

Let’s have a quick look at the must-dos to include on your honeymoon in Mauritius…

1. Enjoy a wide range of world-class hotels 

Mauritius has a great selection of hotels that can make your stay even more memorable. Pre-booking is always better when it comes to booking your stay.

2. Indulge your senses at fantastic resorts and spa

Resorts in Mauritius are especially cool because of their locations, hospitality, and amenities. And as for its spas – the setting makes sure that indulgence is even more relaxing than ever before. There are a number of spas on the island, each offering a range of treatments that include massage, facials, body treatments and more.

3. Take advantage of beaches and water sports

With so many beautiful beaches in Mauritius, adventure seekers will be able to try a wide range of water based activities, ranging from swimming to snorkelling, parasailing, water skiing, sea kayaking, and scuba diving. A few of the finest beaches on the island to visit include Belle Mare, Grand Bay, Pereybere, and Blue Bay.

4. Hire a car and ride your own way

Rent a car and take your beloved along breath-taking winding motorways and coastal roads. Nothing matches the pleasure of exploring the island at your own pace, on a road trip designed for just the two of you.

5. Indulge in fantastic foods

From street food delicacies to fine dining restaurants, Mauritius offers something special for every taste. While street foods delight the senses with Indian, African, Creole, and Chinese influences; a private romantic dinner date is sure to be a special treat.

6. Go shopping for local goods

Mauritius is a shopping paradise, offering amazing variety, high quality, and reasonable prices. Try the local markets to look for mementos for your new home – curios, hand-carved furniture, rugs, artwork and many other fascinating items can be found.

7. Visit Chamarel Village – the seven coloured village

This may be a little village on the map, but despite its small size, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions across Mauritius. The land comprises seven different colours, and the village is also home to the highest waterfall in Mauritius.

Honeymoons are not to be forgotten, and when it comes to making yours a memorable one, what could be better than the Paradise Island? If you’ve ever dreamt of having unbelievably romantic time with your partner over crystal clear blue lagoons, clean serene beaches, and vibrant underwater coral islets, few other destinations can compete with honeymoons in Mauritius.

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