Jeshika Ramsunder - Ladies Division Paradis Golf Winner

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Jeshika Ramsunder - Ladies Division Paradis Golf Winner

A client of BeachTravel won the ladies’ division Paradis Golf Challenge in 2015. Here Jeshika Ramsunder gives us a fabulous review of her visits to Paradis and the Golf Challenge. We congratulate her on her spectacular win and thank her for allowing us to use her photos. If you would like to join her in 2016, contact us to book your four-ball today, and get your accommodation free.

It was my second time visiting Mauritius in September 2015. It is definitely a destination I would want to visit every year. The contrast of colours, cultures and the different tastes is what makes one want to go back to the island.


I must add that I also enjoy the golf courses and that is my main reason for visiting. The beachcomber golf challenge held at Paradis Golf Course is my biggest excuse to get away! I had the pleasure of winning the ladies division this year and look forward to defending my title next year.

The course is challenging with huge palm trees alongside each fairway. A round of golf here though is unforgettable – you forget about your competitors and the course becomes your only challenge. The back drop of the majestic mountains and the greens along the shoreline makes the experience mind blowing.

The service at the club house is the best part before and after a round of golf. My golf bag is taken care of, my clubs cleaned and I don’t have to do a thing until I tee off again. The staff are all friendly and always welcoming with a smile, and an ice cold refreshing drink.

My favourite non golf activity has to be the water sport which is included in the package. The snorkelling is spectacular, but I always slow down my day by taking a paddle boat out along the colourful shores, with some good wine and company to enjoy the breath-taking sunsets. It cannot get any better than that!

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club is the ultimate luxury.  Staff are always so efficient, making sure that every detail is taken care off. Always pleasant, always greeting you with smile and very, very accommodating.

In my opinion you can’t find better fine dining anywhere. There is always something to suit every taste bud – the different themed buffets and styles of cuisine every day is very impressive…my favourite night is the gala dinner and prize giving. The spread is just crazy, although I am allergic to shellfish, I have never feel left out as there are so many different dishes to choose from – everyone feels at home.

I would say to all South Africans:

There is something different for everyone in Mauritius… and yet we all come back with one thing in common and that is a mind blowing experience!

The BeachTravel team is thrilled to let you know that Jeshika has been selected to represent South Africa in the 21st World Amateur Golfers Championship World Final in Turkey, which runs from 28 November to 5 December.

We wish Jeshika well and hope she has a spectacular trip and we look forward to hearing about her experience defending her title at Paradis in 2016.