Best Honeymoon Destinations for Tropical Bliss

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Best Honeymoon Destinations for Tropical Bliss

When it comes to tropical bliss, few destinations can compete with Mauritius honeymoons. Few besides Seychelles honeymoons that is, which tie very closely in the tropical paradise stakes. Both of these exotic destinations have all of the ingredients necessary for pure indulgence, balmy weather, warm blue waters, white sands and a sense of escaping it all.

While both of these beautiful islands have plenty to offer honeymooners, there are a few differences that make each destination unique. Depending on your budget and specific requirements for your first romantic escape as a married couple, each will provide you with just the right setting for tropical bliss.

Keep reading to see what makes each of these destinations an idyllic choice for tropical honeymoons.

Why Consider Mauritius Honeymoons?

Mauritius honeymoons take you to the Indian Ocean, about 2000 kilometres off the African coast. A short direct flight from most cities in South Africa, this island nation includes smaller islands as well as the island of Mauritius. It is characterised by ancient, dormant volcanoes, mountains, nature reserves, lagoons, rich marine life and wildlife, historical attractions and a diverse culture rich in French, Indian, Asian and British influences.

The island is known for its wide range of activities, with a large number of resorts to be found that offer everything from water sports to 4×4 excursions, paragliding, scuba diving and kids’ activities. Most resorts are all-inclusive as well, with tennis courts, entertainment facilities and other facilities to enjoy. Key highlights to enjoy include the capital city of Port Louis, which has a vibrant nightlife and much to see and do for those wanting a night out; Blue Bay, an iconic beach location; Chamarel, a village with a nature reserve and lots of other sights to take in and Black River Gorges, an incredible nature reserve that offers adventure activities and plenty of things to see and do.

With the wide variety of resorts available in Mauritius, there is a resort to suit every person, every budget and every desire. Quiet resorts with beautiful beaches, luxurious spas and complete privacy. Fun, vibrant resorts that offer every water sport, land sport and organised group class your heart desires. Resorts that pride themselves on their spectacular choice of restaurants and varied food choices – some so famous that repeat clients insist on booking around the buffet schedule. Resorts that are close to the main towns, giving you the opportunity to explore the local entertainment and cuisine offerings. All-Inclusive resorts that offer you everything you need in the same place, without having to think about taking out your credit card.

Why Consider Seychelles Honeymoons?

Seychelles honeymoons meanwhile are also enjoyed within the Indian Ocean, taking you to an archipelago of 115 islands off East Africa. This destination also has a rich history, with French and British rule influencing its diversity before gaining independence. As the Seychelles are spread out over a larger area, many parts are remote and quiet, making this an ideal choice for couples wanting to escape to their own oasis of paradise.

While activities tend to veer more towards quieter pursuits such as island exploring, boat cruises and scuba diving, there is still plenty to do here. But relaxation takes precedence. With many unspoiled beaches, tranquil bays, nature reserves, spas and natural hotspots to enjoy, honeymoons here are all about unwinding and getting away from it all; island style. Highlights include Curieuse, one of the only islands where Coco-der-mer grows naturally; Sainte Anne Marine National Park, an untouched, beautiful park and scuba diving spot where dolphins and turtles are found and Anse Major, a secluded beach accessible from Mahe by hike or boat.


Ultimately, deciding on which destination is best for you comes down to your personal choice, budget and tastes. Chatting to a Travel Expert can also help narrow the options down, so contact us today. Both Mauritius honeymoons and Seychelles honeymoons provide a quintessential tropical romantic holiday that is sure to be treasured forever!