In Search of the Best Outdoor Activities in Mauritius

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In Search of the Best Outdoor Activities in Mauritius

Some places on the planet are relatively small in size, yet exhibit hundreds of wonderful attractions for their visitors. Mauritius is one such place, offering a beautiful piece of heaven situated within a small but truly magical island in the Indian Ocean. For adventure seekers, leisure travellers, honeymooners, families and other visitors in search of outdoor activities, the island also boasts a massive variety of things to see and do.

Fantastic marine activities, fascinating mountainous landscapes, exhilarating valleys, lots of accessible waterfalls, and a stunning dormant volcano are only a few of the highlights it has to offer. For adventure lovers and travel bugs, Mauritius has a lot more than this in store! Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or much-needed break with friends and family; this heavenly island has everything special for each visitor. Although the scenic beauty steals the show at one glance, there are several other things to see and do besides sight-seeing, many of which should not be missed on your visit.

If you love heading out into the fresh air when you’re on holiday, here’s a complete list of exciting must-try outdoor activities in Mauritius to tick off the list during your stay.

  • Explore pristine sandy beaches

This country has some of the finest and most popular beaches in the world. Serene, gorgeous, and unbelievably pretty, beaches in Mauritius grab your eye from the very moment you visit them. The Belle Mare Beach is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. In the North, you can go to the hidden La Cuvetta Beach. If you want a more action than sun bathing and swimming, Le Morne offers fantastic kite-surfing opportunities.

  • Get adventurous with water sports

For those who crave adventure, no other destination offers better options than Mauritius. You can try a myriad of water sports and activities, including deep sea diving, deep sea fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and undersea walks. Explore the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean while you indulge in water sports, and keep a look out for colourful marine life, coral reefs and other wonders.

  • Plan a peaceful walk in Pamplemousse Botanical Gardens

These gardens spread out over 62 acres and exhibit more than 500 plant species, including a number of native Mauritian plants. Boasting pleasant surroundings throughout the year, highlights of Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens include giant bamboo, unique-looking banyan trees, and the giant water lily pond.

  • Explore the Moka Mountains

To the South East of Port Louis, there’s a chain of sharp volcanic peaks – The Moka Mountains. If you’re fit enough and wish to climb-up the peaks, you can certainly try a few, such as Pieter Both and Le Pouce. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can take a trail along the lower parts of the mountains instead.

  • Visit tea plantations

As you walk along unending winding roads surrounded with lush tree plantations, you may notice that you are one of the only people in sight. This sense of remote beauty is coupled with the chance to visit working tea plantations to learn more about the production of this local specialty.

  • Rent a car and explore at your own pace

Nothing matches the thrill of a self-drive adventure in a beautiful destination. Hire a car and explore with your travel partner. Who knows… you may discover an amazing street restaurant or a pretty secret beach as you discover the sights along the way!

  • Try the delectable street food

Street food in Mauritius is among the best across the globe. Spices, flavours, colours, and tastes – the food has everything you love. With a unique blend of intricate Indian, African, Creole, and Chinese influences, hundreds of luscious cuisines are served to tourists. Many restaurants and vendors are situated in the open air, allowing you to grab a quick bite before heading off on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Shop the outdoor markets

The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, is an ideal place to enjoy some outdoor shopping at a colourful, fascinating market. Here, you will be able to buy all sorts of items – food, curios, fabric, jewellery and many other products can be found at good prices.

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