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4* Mauricia

Resort & Spa
Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa;

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

4* Canonnier

Golf Resort & Spa
Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa;

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

4* Victoria

Resort & Spa
Beach Travel - Beachcomber Mauritius Honeymoon & Holidays Victoria

Travel specialists for Beachcomber


Resort & Spa

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

5* Shandrani

Resort & Spa
Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

5* Trou aux Biches

Golf Resort & Spa

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

5* Paradis

Golf Resort & Spa

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

5* Dinarobin

Golf Resort & Spa
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury

Travel specialists for Beachcomber

5* Royal Palm

Resort & Spa

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Indian Ocean travel specialists for Beachcomber weddings, honeymoon escapes and holidays in Mauritius

Start your holiday of a lifetime in one of the world’s most idyllic destinations with Beach Travel.

We’ve teamed up with Beachcomber Tours, the leading Indian Ocean tour operator, to offer unforgettable family holidays, sensational weddings and decadent honeymoon escapes to Mauritius.

There’s never been a better time to explore these magnificent Indian Ocean destinations ….  Check out our Hot Specials and you could qualify for the Plus Factor where a child U6 stays for free.  Enjoy incredible honeymoon or anniversary specials as well as Early Bird Discounts.  Upgrade to the all-inclusive and  ‘leave your wallet at home’.  You will be spoilt for choice!

Beachcomber Tours, our preferred choice for its luxurious selection of  8  beachfront locations and exceptional accommodation, offers unrivalled service and competitive rates from a selection of prestigious, well-appointed four and five-star hotels – be it a villa on the beach or a rooftop honeymoon suite complete with plunge pool. Just ask our long list of satisfied travellers who love to tell us about their indulgent getaway!

If it’s taking a stroll on the white, sandy beaches, exploring the azure blue depths on a dive or making a splash by trying your hand at one of the water sports on offer, you’ll find as much – or as little – to do as you choose.

Beachcomber Tours offers the best facilities to cater for the holiday of your dreams, whether it’s to spend time with your family, unwind and be pampered at a spa or perfect your swing on the golf course.

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What our happy vacationers have to say!

Mauritius, Beachomber Cannonier – Jan 2016 Hi Lizelle We are good thanks. We really had a nice time at the Le Canonnier. Everything was perfect with no hiccups and really enjoyed our stay there. We had a good rest and enjoyed Mauritius totally. We were just very sad to come back on Saturday. All the activities were good. We did all water and land sports. We also did the couple massage at the spa located in the tree. It was really nice. Looking forward to another holiday soon. We will definitely be seeing you again as everything went smooth and there were no issues at all. Best holiday ever. Regards Suveer

Melissa Eva

Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa, Mar 2016 Hi Lizelle Thank you – now back to the real world. Victoria was absolutely spectacular thank you. The Honeymoon package was excellent and they really did go to a lot of trouble to make us feel special for the honeymoon. The hotel was great, we did do some private sightseeing across the island which was also great. All in all, I can honestly say we have no complaints, it was an amazing and special experience and we can recommend the hotel to anybody from old couples, to young people, to families as this hotel caters for everyone. PS thanks for the recommendation on the ground floor unit – was definitely the best option. Thank you for all your assistance in making it a fantastic and special time for us. Melissa Eva

JG & Irene

Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa – May 2017 Dear Desire Firstly I would like to thank you for your fantastic service and assistance. I do not think that I would have wanted to work with any other travel planner! You have been excellent from the start up until the end of the holiday! Although the honeymoon took a different turn than what was expected we still had lots of fun before Irene became sick. It was just an unfortunate thing which happens to the best of us! I think it was also a good learning experience for us all – we tend to think that things do not go wrong! But they do sometimes and the important thing is to be prepared! I will provide some notes for you on the following: 1. Victoria Hotel: It was really an amazing experience to stay at this hotel. The snorkelling, the kayaking,…


Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa – June 2017 Hi Polly Good to hear from you! We had such a nice time! The resort was lovely, we ate way too much and loved every minute of it! I’ve saved your details for next year’s trip … I will most certainly take the time to go and rate your FB page but thank you very much for your very professional service – it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Take care, until the next time, Marinda

Deshan and Ashira

Mauritius, Victoria Resort & Spa – June 2017 Desire, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing planning, answering all our questions, providing guidance with budget, location, hotels, pictures and your willingness to assist no matter the time of day. I still remember the first conversation we had sometime late last year, you helped us choose the perfect location based on our requirements, you took time to understand our needs and it certainly paid off. A heartfelt thank you for your guidance and dedication to making this a truly memorable honeymoon! Beachcomber Victoria – we looked tirelessly at resorts that would be the perfect honeymoon getaway, with constant guidance from Desire about the in’s and out’s of each location. Ashira and I are so glad that we chose this resort. Aspects that stood out for us were the beautiful beaches, warm climate, delicious food, and the friendly staff. The room…